Hello ! I am Gaspard, a Technical Game Audio Designer.



How to Survive 2

Zombie hack'n slash

Bring it Back!

Multiplayer burglar game, and student project.


Game design and narrative experiment, and student project.

Un Pas fragile

A cute game about a little frog. Student project.


Pool game with stars, and game jam project.

Linear medias

Loft 345

Documentary about an artistic urban space situated in Guangzhou.

AC : Revelations trailer re-sound

Re-sound of the Assassin's Creed : Revelations trailer.

Terrasse Boulevard St-Germain

Audio narrative and ambience work.

About Me

With now experiences working in diverse cultures and places, I am now looking for a healthy workplace with proactive, open-minded and passionate people, to achieve great goals and push the videogame medium forward.

I have background, education and experiences in audio for interactive and linear medias, such as audio design, interactive audio design, audio systems, dialogue and foley recording, editing and mixing.

Very adaptable and eager to push myself forward, I am capable of communicating my intentions, work well with others through technical and artistic communication.