Hello ! I am Gaspard, a Junior Game Audio Designer.



How to Survive 2

Zombie hack'n slash

Bring it Back!

Multiplayer burglar game, and student project.


Game design and narrative experiment, and student project.

Un Pas fragile

A cute game about a little frog. Student project.


Pool game with stars, and game jam project.

Linear medias

Loft 345

Documentary about an artistic urban space situated in Guangzhou.

AC : Revelations trailer re-sound

Re-sound of the Assassin's Creed : Revelations trailer.

Terrasse Boulevard St-Germain

Audio narrative and ambience work.

Others, Studies

Coming very soon : an article/analysis about sound design in the Wind Rises (Hayao Miyazaki's movie)

About Me

As a recently graduated Audio Designer/Integrator for videogames, I am looking for ways to surpass myself, enrich my experience and participate in dynamic interactive projects within teams with clear goals and motivated by surpassing their previous achievements.

I have background, education and experiences in audio for interactive and linear medias, such as audio design, interactive audio design, audio systems, dialogue and foley recording, editing and mixing.

I am capable of communicate my intentions, work well with other with professional behavior through technical and artistic demands and debates.