Handball 17 keyart

Handball 17 is team sports videogame developped by Eko Software. Development time and resources being tight, I worked with one main programmer to adapt previous' year game to iterate the content and experience.
The programmed systems were limited in term of possibilities, so the main focus was to find ways of getting more dynamism and player involvment while working with a very small scope and programmer time.

I chose to work on improving the main sounds first (UI, ball, goal nets, referee), then add a dynamic crowd system and assets.
The system is following the camera's orientation, the score, actions, the player about to provoke a foul by time, the player's use of strategic attack patterns, and reactions to the goals, intteruptions, success; failures.
With the remaining time, effort was put into re-using the existing commentary structure with newly recorded assets, debug and conformity on all platforms with formats, decoding and levels (Pc, Xbox360, Xbox ONe, PS3, PS4).

Here is a video extract where you can hear the UI then general crowd ambience:

And here you can hear the reactions to strategic attacks and fouls:

(Realised in 2016)