Terrasse Boulevard St-Germain

This work is based on a photograph of Paris, shot by "Izis" in 1969, and entitled "Terrasse boulevard St. Germain".
I worked with Julie Tepe on this project, and we created a café ambience where a couple in love reads poems about love together, and some time after we can only hear the woman reading a poem about sadness and separation.
All of this is what we saw in the image, from its spatial construction, to the people visible from each side of the glass. We also put the photograph in its time with a 1968 song by Jacques Brel ("Vesoul") that we can hear from an old radio in the café. The poems quoted here are "Je voudrais pas crever" by Boris Vian and "Adieu" by Alfred Musset.

(Realised during my vocationnal degree in 2014)