Bring it Back! is our student project for our second year in ENJMIN school, and is a multiplayer game in which four burglars have to steal weird-shaped objects through an environment that is not going to make it easy ! Action, communication, stealth and fun are our objectives, and targeting a production presentation and a vertical slice of the project at the end of March 2016.

Watch the following sneak peak at our vertical-slice demo from March 2016 :

Here are some isolated assets I created

My roles :
-Audio design, focusing on the vivid tone of its universe
-Meaningful feedback for multiplayers/action emphasis
-Dynamic dialogue system, voice record and integration
-Dynamic mixing in accordance with the pace of the game (states and parameters within Wwise)
-Wwise integration with Unreal Engine 4
-Musical composition, catchy and cliché with a electronic swing tone
-Audio planning and management within the team and my own workflow

(Realised in 2015)